Stepan Kuzmin

I am a talented, dedicated, disciplined Angular, React and Ionic&React Native Expert for Web and Mobile Development.
I am an open minded person and looking forward to discuss issues and find compromises.
I feel like a perfect candidate to implement my professional knowledge and skills to help your company achieve its goals.

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AngularJs 1.x, 2.x : 10 years
React Js : 5 years
Ruby : 7years
JavaScript : 11years
An Introduction to Full-stack JavaScript (Other amazing things)

An article I wrote on how to develop applications end-to-end using only JavaScript from the client side to the server side, and even as a query language to the database side. The article was syndicated by Smashing Magazine.

MetaDapper product (Development)

This .NET library integrates into applications and provides an interface for implementing classes that can read or write to virtually any data source/file format/API. Most commonly-used reader and writer classes are provided as a powerful mapping engine for converting from source to destination formats. A standalone configuration tool is also provided to quickly create mapping configurations.

Toptal Academy: AngularJS (Other amazing things)

A crash course on AngularJS that I taught for the Toptal community in Córdoba.

Student Predictive Analytics Platform (Development)

I worked with a team at Bravi to build a predictive model for a Brazilian university in order to indicate those students at risk of dropping out.
We cleaned and extracted features from the raw university data, evaluated the performance of various machine learning algorithms and the models they produced, and incorporated the resulting models into a Docker image which is currently in use at the university. The predictions are then used to focus early attention on students who are at risk of dropping out and maximize their chance of continuing their studies.

Web Work


Technologies: ANGULARJS, NodeJs, HTML5, CSS3

2014 - 2015


Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Ajax, CSS

2012 - 2013


Technologies: NodeJS, JavaScript, Backbone. MongoDB, Elastic search

2014 - 2015


Technologies: Ember.js, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQLComputer Science - Web Development Track

2016 - 2017

Grier Forensics

Technologies: NodeJS, JavaScript, Chrome extensions API, Firefox SDK

2014- 2015

M.R.A.V. inzenjering d.o.o.

Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, C#, .NET, AJAX

2015 - 2015

Tailored Solutions

Technologies: JavaScript, AngularJS

2013 - 2014

Novateh Terra d.o.o.

Technologies: Java, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Oracle, Apache, Apache Tomcat

2012 - 2013

App Work

Clever Baby

React Native
IONIC, Parse, Push Notification, Social Media Sharing


React Native
Integrated Billiving Invoice Servie


React Native, Youtube Player, LocalStorage
Integrated Youtube Player Plugin and Facebook Plugin

Food Delivery

Implemented Material Design


Local notification, Alarm Service

Weather 7

React Native
Yahoo Weather API, Local Notification, Local Storage


IONIC 4 + Firebase App
Dial Panel


Ionic + Parse application
IONIC, Parse, Push Notification

Adopt a Pet

Standard Ionic Framework
IONIC, Wordpress API


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Front-End First, Responsive Design
  • Mobile - Second, Responsive Design
  • Some other PHP Framwork(CI, laravel, ruby, etc)
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging